How do I select distinct objects?

Using LINQ in C# | taught by Brendan Enrick

Course description

In this solution video, Brendan will show you how to select distinct elements from your collections in C# using LINQ. First, you'll see a quick solution showing you how to get the distinct element. After that, you'll see a few more detailed solutions for doing this.

Brendan Enrick
Brendan Enrick

Brendan Enrick is an experienced software architect, focusing a great deal of his time on agile and software craftsmanship methodologies. Brendan is a proponent of strong development communities. Along with two other community members, Brendan helped found the Hudson Software Craftsmanship user group in 2009. He is also involved in organizing other, free educational events in the Cleveland and Akron area. Brendan is a conference and user group speaker who enjoys running workshops and hands on labs with anyone willing to learn.

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